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Premises liability cases are when an individual has suffered serious injury or death as a result of the negligence or wrong doing of another person or entity. Such cases can range from slip and fall accidents and inadequately maintained grounds to dog bites and harm from toxic fumes or chemicals. Zane Dale Christian is Bluefield, VA’s number one premises liability attorney and has been winning cases for decades!  
Premises Liability

What Constitutes Premises liability?

Premises liability can range from slip and fall cases and inadequately maintained properties to dog bites and toxic fumes or chemicals. Zane Dale Christian is the perfect premises liability attorney and has provided expert legal counsel in incidents such as snow and ice accidents, poorly maintained properties, elevator accidents, swimming pool accidents, fires, water leaks, and flooding. 

Who is responsible?

Property, land-owners, and pet owners have a responsibility to keep their premises or animal safe and a failure to do so is negligent behaviour which can cause harm or even death to another individual. If you or a loved one has suffered or lost life due to such negligence, call Bluefield, VA’s most experienced premises liability attorney at (276) 322-5660!

What to do if you are invloved

If you are involved in a premises liability situation, you should remain calm and immediately strive to preserve any evidence at the scene. An excellent way to do so is to take pictures. Secondly, call Zane Dale Christian right away for calm, expert, and compassionate counsel. 
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